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Carrie Benefiel, RYT 200

Carrie was born with a basketball in one hand and a softball in the other.  She began her journey in health and wellness as a kid always active in sports, then later became a weight loss counselor and an aerobics instructor. Yoga especially intrigued her.  She loved the concept of connecting the body, mind, and breath to some sort of boundless energy in the universe. Carrie sees yoga as a color-filled wheel of endless possibilities that are both personal and connected.  Carrie’s classes are full of fun sequencing, lighthearted words, humor and inspiring music.  Carrie wants you to step off your mat smiling inside and out, feeling aligned, easy-going, nourished and rejuvenated. When Carrie is not teaching, you might find her out in nature, rocking in her bands, belting out Fleetwood Mac songs in her car, loving on her two dogs and talking about the mountain weather and traffic on the radio during the weekends.

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