Blindfold Yoga

with Julia dereere

SaturdAY january 20 · 2:15 PM - 3:30 PM

Blindfold yoga is just what it sounds like - a yoga practice with a blindfold. By removing your dependence upon sight you are invited to turn your awareness inward and activate your other senses. This may be best described by one student's reflection on the experience: "Suddenly, the essential oils I could barely smell upon walking in became very potent. I could hear everything. I became so much more aware of my body, the feeling of the mat underneath me, how my hair felt on my head, and the steady rhythm of my heart beating in my chest." Join us for a new experience on your mat.

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Pop-up classes are mini-workshops which explore specific elements of yoga. Some focus on specific postures, some offer a different style of practice, some introduce new facets of yoga. Unlike workshops, there is no additional fee for pop-up classes. Members attend for free. Non-members may use a class from a mutli-class pack or purchase a drop-in.