Yoga for Runners


SunDAY september 8 · 2:00 - 3:30 pM

$36 early bird pricing | $45 after september 5


Whether you love trails or pavement, you’re a back of the pack 5K runner or a leader in 100 milers, this yoga workshop is designed for you. Yoga offers runners an opportunity to strengthen areas that get neglected and release tension from areas that carry imbalanced tightness. Yoga can improve your understanding of how you carry your body during and after a race, enabling you to refine your biomechanics and lessen the likelihood of injury overall. In addition to asana (postures) this workshop will incorporate meditation, pranayama (breath work), and guided relaxation. For athletes who have trouble winding down, these techniques are key in facilitating relaxation. Wear your favorite race shirt to class and have fun knowing you're surrounded by the support of a room full of yogis who love running!

About Heidi: Heidi Ihrke began running after teaching yoga for about 10 years. She ran her first half marathon while 3 months pregnant then went on to run trail races. She’s completed 3 trail ultra marathons, including the Bryce Canyon 60K this last May. Heidi loves exploring the unforgettable trails of Summit County when weather permits and layering up to run pavement in winter.