POP-UP! Yoga Nidra

with Heidi ihrke

thursDAY NOVEMBER 15 · 10:30 aM - 11:30 aM

In a world ruled by distraction, over-stimulation, and multi-tasking, Yoga Nidra offers a tonic of rest, digest, and healing. Translated as 'Yogic Sleep,' Yoga Nidra is designed to access the slowest delta brain waves, the same ones found in deep sleep, when cells regenerate and the mind truly unplugs. This class will begin with gentle movement designed to transition you from the external world toward the more inner landscape. The second half of the class is a guided relaxation/ meditation done in a supported reclining position. The practice of Yoga Nidra is accessible for all levels, regardless of any past experience. It offers the chance to deepen a personal practice for the more experienced student and the opportunity to nourish and explore new territory for the the beginner. Come recharge yourself!

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Pop-up classes are mini-workshops which explore specific elements of yoga. Some focus on specific postures, some offer a different style of practice, some introduce new facets of yoga. Unlike workshops, there is no additional fee for pop-up classes. Members attend for free. Non-members may use a class from a mutli-class pack or purchase a drop-in.